Aluminium Repairs

Dent Removal Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield

If your vehicle is unlucky enough to suffer a dent or a crash then our dent removal team here at Sutton Car Repairs are here to help repair your vehicle back to it's original form. Once your vehicle has been assessed by our specialist trained mechanics, it is then passed onto the preparation and restoring teams who specialise in dent removal and accident repairs. Our restoration teams only use the highest quality products when repairing vehicles thus restoring your vehicle to the original manufactures condition. We provide car repair services throughout the Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth and Lichfield areas.

Aluminium Body Repair Lichfield, Tamworth

If your car has suffered an accident and requires exterior body work, then look no further than SCR. Aluminium Body repair for any car can be expensive but at Sutton's, we have the knowledge on how to deal with these problems, all at affordable prices. Body repair is quite an extensive process to reform and restore the car back to it's original state. At Sutton Car Repairs we have a dedicated repair facility allowing specialist aluminium body repair work to be carried out without any aluminium/steel cross contamination. Our team of experienced mechanics are on hand to offer the best advice and course of action throughout the Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield and Tamworth areas.

At Sutton Car Repairs we take pride in our body work and we aim to return your car back restored to its originality. Once your car has been assessed we will then discuss the possible options and solutions for your vehicle. If you are happy with these, work will then commence and the restoration of your vehicle will begin.

Aluminium Body Repairs

  • New and improved workshop area
  • ATA trained and experience technicians
  • Vbra and OFT standards
  • Excellent Car and Body Repair Standards
  • Multi-mIllion pound repair centre
  • Fast Track Repair Service Available

Consumer TipConsumer Tip

Always check that the body shop has these separate facilities, including a TIG welder, to prevent cross contamination.

New Workshop!

Your Vehicle will then be placed in our new improved panel workshop where all extensive body work is done by our trained professional team, with the latest up to date tools whilst supported by Vbra and OFT standards, the requirements for all car refurbishment. If your vehicle is in need of extensive car body repair work within the Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield , Lichfield and Tamworth areas then feel free to give us a call on: 0121 355 4778.